Yoga Trek to Upper Mustang

Yoga Trek to Upper Mustang

1 day Jomson – Kagbeni

Begnas Yoga- yoga trek to Upper Mustang

A flight to Jomson at an altitude of 2.713 m. inhabited by the Thakali population. We go to Kagbeni – about 4 hours. (2.810 m aperture). The surrounding areas are inhabited by people of Tibetan origin. Kagbeni is located near the capital of the legendary kingdom of Mustang – Lo Monthang. Overnight in Kagbeni. If due to the weather the flight will not be possible then drive by jeep to Kagbeni (10 hours).

In Kagbeni we will visit an old Tibetan monastery, and if the weather is good we will see the beautiful Nilgiri peak rising on the horizon.

2-day Kagbeni Chele

The crossing to Chele (3050 m), today it will take about 6 hours, the first hour will be steeply uphill, but the rest of the route leads with gentle climbs up the Kali Gandaki river.

3rd day Chele Sangboche

Going to Sangboche (3860 m), we will be about 6 – 7 hours on the route, we will cross the Yamda La Pass, during the first 4 hours we will approach quite steeply uphill, but then we will have a gentle descent

4th day of Sangboche Charang

The passage to Charang (3560 m), almost an eight-hour march, will abound in extraordinary views of the peaks of Nilgiri and Tilicho. Charang is the largest settlement in Mustang, it is worth stopping here to soak up a forgotten culture and visit the surrounding monasteries.

5th day of Charang Lo Manthang

The passage to Lo Manthang (3809 m), today a short section of the route, which will take about 4 – 5 hours’ walk, but during the day we will have to cross the windy pass.

6th day Lo Manthang

It is a historical and spiritual centre, the capital of Mustang located in a wide valley on the Tibetan plateau, surrounded by fields of buckwheat and barley. We will visit the king and the queen there in their palace.
Rest day for city exploration and acclimatization.

7th-day Dhamkar

The crossing to Dhakmar (3820 m), the march will take about 6 – 7 hours, along the way we will visit one of the oldest monasteries in the region.

8th-day Dhamkar Ghiling

The crossing to Ghiling (3570 m), the crossing will take us 6 hours, on the way we will cross two picturesque passes: Ghemi La and Nyi La

9th day of Ghiling Chhusang

The crossing to Chhusang (2980 m), the march will take about 6 hours, along the way we will visit the temple located in the grotto, this section of the route is exceptionally beautiful

10th day of Chhusang – Muktinath

The crossing to Muktinath (3800 m), the road will take 6 – 7 hours, but the last 2 hours is an easy and pleasant walk, Muktinath is the holiest city of two powerful religions: Hinduism and Buddhism. The faithful come here with numerous pilgrimages. From here you will be able to see the eight-thousand-meter Daulaghiri – White Mountain.

11th day Muktinath Jomson

The crossing to Jomsom (2750 m), the last section of the route will take about 5 hours, it is relatively easy so it will be time to make the last purchases and purchase souvenirs.

12th day Jomson – Pokhara