Retreat Daily Schedule

Retreat Daily Schedule

Begnas Yoga Retreat Daily Schedule:

The day starts early morning with unforgettable golden sunrise on snowy peaks of Himalayan Range. Enjoy this amazing view with mouthwatering organic green tea on the terrace. Also, it is the best time for the purification of consciousness and concentration. Meditation in the morning gives the best results. You can do it in the yoga hall or in your room.

At the beginning of the day, there is one important ritual of nose cleansing. Using a neti pot and saline you can make your sinuses clear. It helps you to feel clarity, lightness and improve the breath that is necessary for the effective practice of yoga.

Following yoga session includes-pranayama breathing practice, dynamic exercises and static asanas. Morning yoga helps to accumulate and save energy for the whole day. We will practice in the yoga hall with fresh Himalayan air and panoramic view on snowy mountains.

After that with excellent food and a good appetite, you can start your delicious breakfast. We are proud of our organic kitchen with self-grown products and happy to offer you healthy and tasty food. We also take into account your wishes and try to do our best to satisfy our dear guests.

Spa & Wellness programs with Naturopathy healing and various tools are available at the Begnas Yoga center. In the free time, you can pamper yourself with wellness activities such as aroma steam bath, mud bath, foot bath with Himalayan salt, aroma inhalation, Reiki healing and Panchakarma (Ayurveda).

After the hearty lunch you can experience the benefit of Bhakti Yoga practice: after some settings, we chant mantras together to the sounds of different instruments bringing uplifting and vibrant energy for the rest of the day.

Before sleep, it is good to stretch your body. In the evening yoga class, we also practice Yoga Nidra (known as yogic sleep). It is the specific state between wakening and sleeping that helps to deepen relaxation, understanding of the inner world and works with subconscious blocks and problems.

After the dinner we recommend you to join candlelight meditation and mantra chanting. It is a perfect final of the eventful day. Then your peaceful night can be started.