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Begnas Yoga & Retreat is a socio based business, starts from yoga to releasing stress & curing disease to grow higher conciousness in your holy brain. This Retreat situated at top of the hill name Pachhabhaiya, between Rupa (east, south) and Begnas(west) Lake, like an island. From where you can see the clear view of Annapurna Range. You can have a single snap 225 km long Himalayan range easat Lamtang Lirung 7227m /23710 ft east to Churan Himal (west) 7385m.

 Yoga includes 3 classes. Choose your level and focus to find the
perfect class for you.


1.Full body detoxification (7 days to 21 days)...

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Regular Reiki inauguration class is conducted...

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Efficient and professional team has made my experience much brighter. I look forward to new classes.

I am 100% happy about working my Yoga!

Mary Green, OH

Thank you for your fantastic service.

Jenna Aniston, NY

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Pokhara Lekhnath-31, Pachabhaiya